How do I resume my Spark subscription after a declined payment?


Resuming your Spark subscription within the first three days of a decline

When a Spark subscription renewal payment declines, the system will automatically attempt to charge the default payment method on file once a day for three days. This three day grace period allows you to continue using UAD Spark while any payment issues are being resolved.

If you'd like to change the default payment method associated with your Spark subscription, you can do so by clicking "Edit Subscription Details" on the Manage Subscription page, then selecting "Change Payment Method" (This will send you an email with a secure link where you can enter your new payment info).

Important: After updating your payment info, it can take up to 24 hours for the payment to be processed and your plan to resume.



Resuming your Spark subscription after the first three days of a decline

After three failed payments, the subscription will be paused and you will need to manually reactivate your plan. To do this:

  • Navigate to the Manage Subscription page
  • Click on “Edit subscription details''
  • Change the status to “Activate” and then click “Save
  • Your card will then be charged within a few minutes and your plan will resume.




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