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(Windows) Apollo FireWire Installation, Registration & Authorization

The steps below will guide you through the process of installing the UAD software, registering your Apollo, and authorizing your UAD plug-ins. 

Important Note: 
A qualfiied PCIe to FireWire 800 adapter card is required to connect Apollo to Windows FireWire systems. For details, see the Apollo FireWire Windows Compatibility article.

    1. Install PCIe to FireWire 800 adapter card

      Shut down your computer and install one of the qualified PCIe to FireWire 800 adapter cards into an available PCIe slot. Power on the computer and let Windows automatically install the built-in driver for the card.

      Important: DO NOT manually install any drivers for the adapter card from the manufacturer's software disk or website, even if instructed to do so by the documentation included with the adapter card.

    2. Connect and power Apollo

      Before installing the UAD software, shut down the computer and connect your Apollo to a FireWire 800 port on the adapter card with a FireWire 800 cable, then power on the Apollo first and the computer second. When connected via FireWire, the Apollo should always be powered on before powering on the computer. 

    3. Download the UAD software

      Registration and authorization is managed by the UAD software. Visit to get the latest UAD software installer.

    4. Install the UAD software

      Open the UAD software installer after the download is complete. The installer will guide you through the process. Be sure to restart the computer when prompted. 

      Note: If the "Firmware Update" prompt appears, click Load and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

    5. Register your Apollo

      After restarting, your web browser will launch and connect to the UA website. You will be prompted to create an account or log in to an existing account (if not already logged in). Follow the instructions on the web pages to register your Apollo and claim the bundled UAD plug-ins.

      Note: If your web browser doesn't launch automatically, you can start the process manually by clicking the Authorize Plug-Ins button on the Plug-Ins panel in the UAD Meter & Control Panel.

    6. Authorize your Apollo

      After registration is complete, authorize your Apollo by clicking the Authorize Plug-Ins button on the Plug-Ins panel in the UAD Meter & Control Panel.


    7. Configure Windows

      Follow the steps in the articles below to configure Windows for use with your Apollo. After Windows configuration is complete, the system is ready for use. 

      Windows Setup - Required Settings
      Windows Optimization - Optional Settings