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How Do I Register a New UAD-2 / Apollo Device in Order to Use My Existing Purchased Plug-ins?

UAD Plug-In Licensing Explained

For complete details on UAD plug-in licensing, see the main article: UAD Plug-In Licensing Explained

UAD plug-in licenses are tied to your UA account and are arranged within your account by "system". Up to six UAD-2 / Apollo devices can be registered to a single system within your account, and all the devices registered to a single system can use the plug-in licenses within that system. In order for two UAD-2 / Apollo devices to use the same set of UAD plug-in licenses they must be registered to the same system within the same account. 

Registering a New UAD-2 / Apollo Device to Use Existing Purchased Plug-In Licenses

In order to authorize your previously purchased plug-in licenses on a new UAD-2 / Apollo device, you will need to register the new device into the system of your account where the plug-in licenses are stored. If you only have one system in your UA account with less than six UAD-2 / Apollo devices registered, the process is simple - just register your new device like normal and it will automatically be added to your existing system. For help registering, click here.

If you have multiple systems in your account that each have less than six UAD-2 / Apollo devices registered, you will be asked to select the system that you want to register your new device into during the registration process. Select the system that contains the plug-ins that you want to use with the new device. 


This system selection prompt will appear during the registration process if there are multiple available systems within your UA account 

If you need to move devices between systems within your account before registering - for example, if you have a system in your account that already has six UAD-2 devices but one of those devices is unused - please contact Customer Support to explore your options.