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I Just Bought a Plug-In but Don't See It Listed in My DAW or in Console. Where Is It?

The are a couple of things that can cause a newly purchased UAD plug-in not to show up in your DAW software or in Console. Here are the two most likely causes and what you can do to resolve them:

Using Older UAD Software

If you're using an older version of the UAD software you will only be able to use the UAD plug-ins released up to that software version. Any UAD plug-ins released in a newer version of the UAD software will not be available. For example, if you're using UAD v9.1 you will not be able to use any of the UAD plug-ins released in UAD v9.2 until you update. 

Before updating your UAD software, first make sure the newer UAD software will be compatible with the OS version that you're currently using. Click here to see what OS versions are supported for each plug-in / software release. You can download the latest UAD software here. All other versions of UAD software can be downloaded from our archives

Hidden Plug-Ins

If the correct version of UAD software is installed but you still don't see the UAD plug-in within your DAW or Console, the plug-in may be hidden. In Console, hidden plug-ins are managed via Console > Settings > Plug-Ins. In the DAW, hidden plug-ins are typically managed via the DAW's plug-in manager feature. For information on how to display hidden plug-ins, see the following articles or consult your DAW's support documentation:

Hiding Plug-Ins in Console 2.0

Hiding Plug-Ins in Pro Tools 11 and Later

Hiding Plug-Ins in Logix Pro X


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