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Why is System Sound Playback Distorted After Updating to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update?


Audio playback from system sound applications like iTunes, Spotify, web browsers, etc may be distorted on Windows 10 systems after updating to the Fall Creators Update (version 1709). The likely problem is that the Apollo's hardware sample rate does not match the WDM sample rate. The WDM sample rate can only be set in Windows Sound, however, the "Advanced" panel that allows the sample rate to be changed is erroneously hidden in the Fall Creators Update.

Please use this workaround to expose the "Advanced" settings panel in the Windows Sound preferences so that the WDM sample rate can be changed to match the Apollo's hardware sample rate.


  • Open Windows Sound (Click Start and type 'Sound', or go to Start > Control Panel > Sound)

  • Highlight the Apollo and click "Configure"

  • In the Speaker Setup window, click "Test" and then close the Speaker Setup Window

  • Highlight the Apollo and select Properties. You should now be able to access the "Advanced" panel.

Once complete, set the sample rate on the "Advanced" panel to match the Apollo sample rate in Console and click "Apply" to save your changes. 

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