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Important Announcement Regarding "Review Your New Software" Emails

Published November 29th, 6PM PST

Some customers may have received a "Review Your New Software" email thanking them for their purchase of the "Distortion Essentials Bundle" or "Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959". If you received this email, please rest assured that this email was sent in error and no unauthorized purchases were made from your account. 

With the release of UAD v9.4 the Ibanez Tube Screamer plug-in was replaced by the TS Overdrive plug-in. As a result, we issued the TS Overdrive plug-in to all customers who owned the Ibanez Tube Screamer plug-in, which triggered the erroneous "Review Your New Software" email.

The Marshall Plexi Classic plug-in was also added to the included plug-ins bundle that comes with all Apollo interfaces, and as a result we issued the Marshall Plexi Classic to all Apollo owners. This also triggered an erroneous "Review Your New Software" email.

We apologize for any confusion these emails caused.

If you received either of these emails and would like to use the new TS Overdrive or Marshall Plexi Classic plug-ins, please download and install UAD v9.4 from the link below:

Once installed, just update your authorizations by clicking the Authorize Plug-Ins button on the Plug-Ins tab of the UAD Control Panel to use the plug-in.

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