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Can I add a UAD-2 Satellite or UAD-2 PCIe card to my existing Arrow to run more UAD plug-ins in Console?

When using UAD plug-ins in Console, only the DSP of your Arrow and Apollo interfaces can be used for processing these plug-ins. Console is the control software for Arrow and Apollo' internal mixer engines, and when a plug-in is instantiated on an input channel of an Arrow or Apollo via Console it is loaded directly into that unit's internal mixer engine - this is what makes it possible to track through UAD plug-ins in real time with Arrow and Apollo, since the audio processing and plug-in processing is happening synchronously in the same place. When instantiating UAD plug-ins in your DAW, the DSP of all of your connected UAD-2, Arrow, and Apollo devices will be used (within the system constraints) however only the Arrow and Apollo's DSP will be available in Console. 

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