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Troubleshooting UADx Activation Issues

If you are having issues activating UADx (native) plug-ins that you own (either via perpetual license or via UAD Spark subscription), the steps below can help.

  1. Open UA Connect, click your account ID in the top right, then choose Log Out.

  2. Quit UA Connect completely by right clicking on the “UA” icon in the System Tray (Windows) or the Menu Bar (Mac), then choose Quit UA Connect.
  1. Open iLok License Manager.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure that you are logged in using the iLok ID that is linked to your UA account. If you are not sure which iLok ID is linked to your UA account, you can check at

  2. In iLok License Manager, select File and choose either Close All Cloud Sessions or Close Your Cloud Session (if both options appear active then choose Close All Cloud Sessions).
  1. Once Cloud sessions are closed, select File and choose Open Your Cloud Session.
  2. Lastly, open UA Connect, log in, and see if the issue is resolved.
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