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FAQ: Native UAD Plug-In Bundles

Please read below for answers to common questions regarding UAD Creative Edition, Mix Edition, and Diamond Edition native plug-in bundles.


What are the differences between these bundles and UAD Spark?

If you prefer to own your UAD plug-ins, or are an Apollo/UAD-2 hardware owner, our Diamond Edition offers the best price on the most popular UAD plug-ins that you can own forever – the editions also include the Apollo/UAD-2 versions. If you prefer a subscription, UAD Spark is a growing collection of native UAD plug-ins at a low monthly price, with new plug-ins added regularly. 


I own an Apollo or UAD-2 hardware, is this for me?

Yes, absolutely, our new bundles provide tremendous value on some of our most popular collections of plug-ins, and native versions are included for the best of both worlds. Native UAD plug-ins also allow you to record and mix on-the-go without attaching UAD hardware.


If I already own some of the plug-ins in these bundles, is there upgrade pricing available?

No, but for a limited time, Universal Audio is offering a special introductory offer on our newest bundles. 


What’s the deal with intro pricing?

Introductory pricing is available until March 31, 2023. 


Will new titles be added to my bundles like UAD Spark?

No. When you purchase a bundle you’ll own those plug-ins forever. The Creative, Mix and Diamond Editions include the UAD plug-in titles listed here:


Do you offer educational discounts?

Not at this time.


Are Unison versions included?

Yes, if you have Apollo hardware and the plug-in supports the Unison feature. Unison technology is a unique blend of hardware and software that requires an Apollo interface to truly emulate the unique input characteristics of the plug-in. Note that native UAD titles do not have Unison functionality. 


Can I try native UAD plug-ins before I buy?

Yes, 14-day plug-in demos are available. Find eligible plug-ins at

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