FAQ: Apollo & UAD-2 Hardware Transfer & Registration


How do I transfer Apollo/UAD-2 hardware to a new owner?

Please follow the transfer instructions in this article.


I bought a used Apollo or UAD-2 accelerator and I need to register it to my account. How can I register it?

Used hardware can be registered using the hardware serial number. Please follow the instructions in this article.


I'm trying to register Apollo/UAD-2 hardware but UA Connect does not accept my serial number.

UA Connect is not used for registering Apollo/UAD-2 hardware and it does not display your Apollo/UAD-2 plug-ins. UA Connect does not add Apollo or Satellite Hardware.

Use this guide for help with registering an Apollo, UAD-2 Satellite, or UAD-2 PCIe card.


I transferred the device out of my account but the new owner is having difficulty with registration.

If the device that you are transferring belongs to a System in your account that includes other UAD devices, then all devices in that system must be re-authorized for the transfer to complete.  Note that this only applies when transferring the plug-in library out of your account with the device.

You'll need to connect any UAD hardware belonging to that system (including the hardware that is being transferred) and click the “Authorize Plugins…” button in the Plug-Ins section of UAD Meter & Control Panel.

If you no longer have the hardware that you're transferring, the new owner can complete the authorization for those devices. Once all of the devices have been authorized, then the transfer should complete.


I’ve transferred my hardware out of my account but my “hardware transfer is pending.” Is this normal?


This is normal.
The device will remain in your account in a pending state until a new owner has registered the device.


I'm trying to register a device but see the message, “This device has already been requested to transfer” – what does that mean?

Most commonly, this means the registration process has already been started, and registration simply needs to be completed by authorizing plug-ins from the UAD-meter & Control Panel Application. 
The device does need to be detected by the UAD-meter.

This message also appears when you transfer a device out of your account, it is placed in a pending state where it will remain until the new owner registers the device.

Where a seller has transferred their plug-in library out of their account with a device, they need to ensure they authorize plug-ins for all devices registered to the system when transferring a device out of their account, otherwise the new owner may see this error when trying to register.

If you transfer a device out of your own account and then try to re-register back to your own account, you will see this error message. In that case, you will need to contact the Customer Care team.


I transferred hardware out of my account and see this error:
Screenshot 2023-08-13 at 10.43.47 AM.png

The transfer has been started, authorising plug-ins has completed the process and you cannot re-register the hardware to your own account.

I have requested a transfer but I would like to cancel it.

If you have transferred devices out of your account by mistake then you will need to contact the Customer Care team.


I’m trying to register a device but I’m getting stuck at the “Install and restart” step.

Please follow the instructions in this guide.

You do not need to wait for a browser window to appear after you have installed the UAD software and restarted your computer.

If the UAD software is already installed then you do not need to restart the computer again.

To complete registration: Authorize plug-ins in UAD Meter and Control Panel.



I’m having difficulty deactivating my iLok licenses, what should I do?

The iLok user ID associated with your UA Account can be found by clicking the UA Account login name on the top right of the UA Connect application window.

Please launch the iLok License Manager application and then log in with that iLok account username.

If you do not know the password to that iLok account, you can reset the password at iLok.com.

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