Apollo Twin X USB Connection Info

Connecting Apollo Twin X USB to the computer

  • Connect Apollo Twin X USB to an available built-in USB 3 or USB 4 port using a USB 3 or USB 4 compatible cable.
  • The USB 3 or USB 4 port used for the Apollo Twin X USB connection should be natively built into the motherboard.
  • USB 3 adapters (such as PCIe-to-USB 3 expansion cards) have not been extensively tested with Apollo Twin USB.
  • Apollo Twin X USB requires a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed cable when connecting to a USB3 port. USB 2 cables cannot be used.
  • Ensure the USB 3 or USB 4 cable is fully inserted at both ends. 
  • Connect Apollo Twin X USB to the computer with a USB 3 SuperSpeed cable that is no longer than two meters in length (approximately six feet or less). Using longer cables can have adverse effects on system performance. 

Identifying USB 3 SuperSpeed ports

USB 3 SuperSpeed ports can be identified by the following indicators:

  • Blue plastic inside the port
  • "SuperSpeed" or "SS" labels next to the port

Important: Apollo Twin USB cannot be used with USB 2 ("Hi-Speed") or USB 1 ("Full Speed") ports.

Click here for additional help identifying USB 3 ports.

Additional USB 3 port details

  • For optimum performance with Apollo Twin USB, Windows must be prevented from powering off the USB ports. See the Windows Setup - Required Settings article for details.
  • Apollo Twin USB can be connected to USB 3.1 ports, however it will operate at USB 3.0 speeds when connected this way.

PCIe to USB 3 adapter cards

  • Although these cards are not fully qualified, the PCIe to USB 3 adapter cards listed below have performed well with Apollo Twin USB in limited tests.
  • In some cases, these adapter cards have enabled Apollo Twin USB to work on systems with otherwise problematic USB 3 chipsets.
  • The adapter cards can only be used successfully on motherboards with built-in USB 3. The adapters are not compatible with Apollo Twin USB when used with USB 2 motherboards.

Inateck KT4005 4-Port USB 3.0 PCIe Expansion Card

Rosewill RC-505 2-Port USB 3.0 PCIe Expansion Card

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