FAQ: Ultimate 12

See below for answers to common questions regarding upgrading to Ultimate 12. For details on the Ultimate 12 bundle, click here.

Note: There are two ways customers can purchase the remaining plugins included with the new Ultimate 12 bundle: 

  1. Complete Your Ultimate. This can be done once per account for each Ultimate version.
  2. Upgrade to Ultimate. If you purchased Ultimate 11 on or after July 18, 2023, you are entitled to a FREE upgrade to Ultimate 12 until December 31, 2023.

I already own Ultimate 11. What do I get that I don't already have with Ultimate 12?

The following four (4) plug-ins are added to the list of plug-ins included with Ultimate 11:

  • Capitol Mastering Compressor 

  • Electra 88 Vintage Keyboard Studio

  • Waterfall Rotary Speaker

  • Sound City Studios

I am not upgrading from a previous Ultimate. Do I still get a discount?

Your offer will be based on the number of Ultimate 12 plug-in titles that you currently own that also happen to be included in Ultimate 12.

I did not buy Ultimate 11 but I own all of the plug-ins in Ultimate 11. Do I qualify for the upgrade to Ultimate 12?

Yes, if you own all of the plug-ins that are included in Ultimate 11 then you can upgrade to Ultimate 12.

I already own most or all of the plug-ins included in Ultimate 12, except for one or more of the new ones that were added. What's the best way to get them?

If you've purchased Ultimate 11 before July 18, 2023, or if you've purchased plug-ins separately, you can get the newer plug-ins at a more competitive pricing by purchasing a Custom bundle. The Custom bundles not only give access to the newest releases included in Ultimate 12, but also other plug-ins not necessarily included in the Ultimate bundle.

For more information about Custom bundles, click here.

What's included with the Ultimate 12 bundle?

Ultimate 12 bundle includes 78 UA-developed plug-in titles up to and including UAD v11. These 78 plug-in titles contain 118 individual plug-ins and LUNA Extensions.

Note: Some plug-in titles are collections of more than one plug-in.  Third-party plug-ins are not included. For a complete list of plug-ins that are included with Ultimate 12 bundle, click here.

I already own an earlier version of the Ultimate bundle (e.g. Ultimate 8, 9 or 10). Can I upgrade to the Ultimate 12 Bundle?

Yes. We’re offering an upgrade path towards the Ultimate 12 bundle for owners of previous Ultimate bundles.

Also, for a limited time, and if you purchased Ultimate 11 on or after July 18, 2023, Ultimate 11 bundle owners will benefit from the Ultimate 12 upgrade for free.

Can I purchase the Ultimate 12 Upgrade for more than one system in my account?

Our system currently only allows users to upgrade a single previous Ultimate bundle to the newly released Ultimate bundle collection. For users with multiple systems, other options are available for completing plug-in collections, such as Custom Bundles and monthly promotions.

Can I buy an additional Ultimate 12 license for a second or third system in my account?

If you don’t already own Ultimate 12, the discounted price you see on the site while logged in is the upgrade price to get the plugins currently missing from your account. Once you purchase the upgrade, you can then purchase a full Ultimate 12 license at a discounted rate for a second system. Alternatively, you could purchase Ultimate 12 from an authorized reseller and then select a system to activate it to during the redemption process.

Do plug-in purchases that were redeemed using coupons qualify?

Yes. All plug-in purchases qualify, including plug-in titles redeemed using coupon discounts.

I purchased a Custom bundle in the past. How does this count towards my total purchased plug-ins?

Custom bundles count towards your total purchased plug-ins based on the number of plug-in titles that the Custom bundle contains. For example, if you purchased a Custom 3 bundle this counts as 3 plug-in titles, if you purchased a Custom 6 bundle this counts as 6 plug-in titles, etc.

How do plug-in bundles, such as SSL 4000 Console Bundle, Magnetic Tape Bundle, etc., count towards my total purchased plug-ins?

For plug-in bundles that contain multiple individual plug-in titles that can be purchased separately from our web store, each individual plug-in title contained in the bundle is counted as a separate purchase. For example, the Magnetic Tape Bundle contains the Studer A800 and Ampex ATR-102 plug-in titles which can both be purchased separately, so the Magnetic Tape bundle counts as two separate plug-in title purchases.

How do plug-in collections, such as Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection, 1176 Classic Limiter Collection, etc., count towards my total purchased plug-ins?

Plug-in "collections" purchased from the web store or redeemed as part of a Custom bundle count as a single plug-in title purchase.

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