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FAQ: 20% Off First Order Coupon Code When Registering to the Newsletter

If you are new to Universal Audio and its software eco-system, you can benefit from a 20% off promotional code on your first order after registering to the newsletter. To do so, click the pop-up at the bottom right of our website landing page, and enter your email address in the field, as shown below:


How does it work?

This offer will be presented in the current newsletter signup form shown above. All users will see it and be able to sign-up and reveal the code; however, the coupon will not work for customers with a purchase history.

After entering your e-mail, you will be redirected to a page showing the coupon code, as well as a link to its details and limitations. Additionally, you will receive an e-mail with the coupon code.

What can I purchase with this coupon code?

All of the UA digital products are eligible for purchase along with the promotional code, except for the following:

If I have purchased products in the past, can I use this coupon?

This coupon is for new users making their first purchase. You can always check out the most recent offers for those who have already purchased from the UAD store.