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This page is updated with the latest support information as it becomes available. Please review the information on this page carefully before installing or using Realtime Rack.

  • Important: System requirements, and the wiring required for multi-unit systems, differs from the Getting Started sheet included in the retail package with early units. For updated wiring diagrams see "Chapter 3: System Setup" in the Realtime Rack Manual, or download the updated sheet here.
  • The current software release for Realtime Rack is displayed as UAD v8.6.3 in the UAD Meter & Control Panel application. Realtime Rack can not be used with versions of UAD-2 / Apollo software and can not be used together with UAD-2 / Apollo units.
  • UAD plug-ins released after UAD v8.6 are not available for Realtime Rack.
  • Realtime Rack is sold and distributed by Soundcraft. Contact Soundcraft to obtain the product.
  • For Realtime Rack software, click here.

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