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Apollo 8 & Apollo 8p Hardware Reset

Follow the directions below to reset your Apollo 8/8p hardware:

1. Shut down the Apollo 8/8p and computer.

2. Disconnect any cables connected to the Apollo 8/8p except the power cable (this includes disconnecting the Thunderbolt cable). If there are any monitor speakers or headphones connected to the Apollo 8/8p, make sure that they are either disconnected or powered off before continuing.

3. While the Apollo 8/8p is powered off press the following buttons - Preamp knob, Phase and High Pass buttons (see picture below for reference).

4. With the buttons pressed, turn on the power switch to the Apollo 8/8p - hold down the knob/button combo for approximately 10 seconds until the LED lights on the front panel of the Apollo 8/8p stop flashing.

5. Once the LED lights stop flashing you can release all three buttons, shut down the Apollo 8/8p once more, and reconnect all cabling. Reboot the system like normal (it is recommended to always turn the Apollo 8/8p on before turning the computer on).