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UAD Firmware Updates

About UAD Firmware Updates

Important: A complete power down (external UAD devices) or computer restart (UAD-2 PCIe cards in INTERNAL PCIe slots) is critical to complete any firmware change.

Important: Do not interrupt system power during any firmware change routines.

  • Firmware updates for UAD hardware devices may be contained within the UAD software to enhance system functionality.
  • The UAD software prompts to update the firmware automatically if newer firmware is available. For optimum results, always update the firmware when prompted by the software.
  • The UAD firmware and software is a matched set. The matched firmware files are always installed with every UAD version (even if there are no changes to the firmware).
  • UA may request the currently installed firmware version when offering technical support. The currently installed firmware is the "DSP Framework version" number in the UAD Detailed System Profile. The UAD Detailed System Profile is generated in the System Info panel within the UAD Meter & Control Panel application.


How to update UAD firmware

1. To initiate a firmware update, click the "Load" button in the Firmware Update dialog when the window is presented by the software.

2. The "firmware is updating..." window appears while the firmware is being installed onto the UAD device.

3. After the firmware is installed, the "Power Off UAD Device" window (external UAD-2 and Apollo devices) or "Restart Computer" window (internal UAD-2 PCIe cards and UAD-2 SOLO/Laptop) appears.

IMPORTANT: If multiple UAD devices are connected via Thunderbolt 3, power off the first UAD device in the chain (the UAD device wired closest to the computer) before powering off other UAD devices.


4. Follow the instructions in the window:

- If the device is internal (UAD-2 PCIe card, UAD-2 SOLO/Laptop), restart the computer.

- If the device is external (Apollo DUO/QUAD, Apollo 16, Apollo Twin, UAD-2 Satellite, or UAD-2 PCIe card in external chassis), power off the external UAD device with the power switch.

5. After restarting (internal) or powering on (external) the firmware update is complete.


UAD-2 Firmware Files


Each UAD-2 device has a unique firmware binary (.bin) file. The table below lists each unique firmware filename and its associated device. The firmware files location is:

Mac: /Library/Application Support/Universal Audio/Firmware/UAD-2/

Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Universal Audio\Powered Plugins\Firmware\UAD-2\

Note: The UAD software won't allow the incorrect device firmware file to be loaded onto the device.

UAD-2 Device

Firmware Filename

Apollo DUO silver (FireWire)


Apollo DUO silver (Thunderbolt)


Apollo QUAD silver (FireWire)


Apollo QUAD silver (Thunderbolt)


Apollo FireWire silver (FireWire)


Apollo FireWire silver (Thunderbolt)


Apollo 16 silver (FireWire)


Apollo 16 silver (Thunderbolt)