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Setting Hardware Input & Output Levels on Apollo Twin

This article explains how to operate the panel controls so you can set input gain levels for the inputs (mic, line, and Hi-Z), and adjust volume levels for the outputs (monitors and headphones).

Refer to the top panel illustration below for the control names and numbers mentioned in this section. For detailed descriptions of all Apollo Twin controls, see the Apollo Twin Hardware Manual.

Important: Before proceeding, lower the volume of the monitor speakers and remove headphones from your ears.


Apollo Twin Top Panel

Apollo Twin's top panel


Set Input Gains

  1. Select the input channel to be adjusted by pressing the PREAMP button (9) until the Channel Selection Indicator (3) displays the desired channel (CH1 or CH2).
  2. Select the input type (mic or line) by pressing the INPUT Select button (11) until the Input Type indicator (5) displays the desired input jack* (see note below).
  3. Adjust the channel's input gain by increasing the Level knob (1) until the input meter for the channel (4) approaches maximum, but does not reach the red clip LED when the input signal is present. If the level is too high to avoid clipping (when the red “C” LED illuminates), press the PAD button (11).

To set the input gain for the other input channel, repeat steps 1 – 3.

Adjust Output Volumes

  1. Select the output volume to be adjusted (monitor or headphones) by pressing the MONITOR button (10) until the Monitor Selected (6) or Headphone Selected (8) indicator is lit.
  2. Adjust the volume level by carefully increasing the Level knob (1) until the desired volume is reached (you may need to adjust the volume of the speakers).

To set the other output volume (monitor or headphones), repeat steps 1 – 2.

Mute (and Unmute) Monitor Outputs

  1. Select the Monitor outputs by pressing the MONITOR button (10) until the Monitor Selected (6) indicator is lit.
  2. Press the Level knob (1) to mute the monitor outputs. The Volume Level Indicator LEDs (2) are red when the monitors are muted and Monitor is selected (6).
  3. To toggle the monitor mute state, press the Level knob (1) whenever Monitor (6) is selected.


  • *The Hi-Z input is automatically selected, overriding the channel 1 Mic and Line inputs, when a ¼” mono TS (tip-sleeve) plug is connected to the Hi-Z Instrument jack (12) on the front panel.
  • To control both channels simultaneously when a stereo source is connected, press the LINK button (11) when an input is selected (9).
  • Line outputs 3 & 4 are accessed and controlled via software only (Console or DAW).


What Next?

Refer to the Apollo Software Manual to learn how to configure the audio interface settings, use the Console application and Realtime UAD Processing for live input monitoring, use the Console Recall plug-in in a DAW, and much more.