Latest UAD Software Updates

We strongly recommend using the current version of UAD software at all times. Installing the most recent version of UAD Software ensures you have the current updates and features.

Important Note: Installing older UAD Software may downgrade the firmware in your hardware and in some cases may cause your UAD product to become non-functional.

Please use this link to download the current UAD Software:

Latest UAD Software Update

If required, previous versions of UAD Software are available here:

UAD Software Archives

Details for each version of the UAD software are posted here:

UAD Version History & Release Notes

We recommend using the above link from this page or from the Support > Downloads page on on the UA website -

The following methods can lead to older versions of UAD software. Therefore:

  • Avoid using internet search engines to find the UAD Software Download page
  • Avoid using old bookmarks for UAD Software Download page
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