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How To Transfer Ownership of UAD-2/Apollo Devices

Important: The transfer process has changed. Please read this article to understand our new transfer process. If you have purchased a used UAD-2 device and would like to register it to your account then please click here.

When a UAD-2 or Apollo device is sold second-hand, the current owner can place the device into a "transfer state" that will allow it to be registered by a new owner. The current owner will need to fill out the “Transfer” form, which will de-register the device from the current owner's account. To fill out the transfer form, the current owner must first log in to their UA account at and then go to the "My UA Hardware" page. This page is accessed by clicking on the "My Account" link in the top right corner of the site, and then selecting "My UA Hardware" from the menu on the left side of the page. 

This will take you to the My UA Hardware page which displays all the UAD-2/Apollo devices and plug-ins registered in the account, arranged by System. Click the "Transfer device(s) from this system" link under the System you want to transfer out of.


The current owner will select the serial number of the UAD-2/Apollo device that they want to transfer. 


 Click the Hardware dropdown to select a device to transfer


The current owner will be asked to choose if they want to transfer the plugins registered to the System that they are transferring the UAD-2/Apollo device from. Users cannot select individual plugins to transfer. If the current owner selects Transfer Plug-ins: YES then ALL of the registered plugins in that System will be transferred to the new owner's UA account along with the UAD-2/Apollo device.

If the current owner selects Transfer Plug-ins: NO then only the UAD-2/Apollo device will be transferred. None of the registered plugins in the System will be transferred and they will remain the seller's account.

Note: All UAD-2/Apollo devices include a free collection of 'Analog Classics' plug-ins, which are automatically assigned to the new owner, even if the seller chooses not to transfer any additional plug-ins.

If YES is chosen, all plug-in licenses in the System will be transferred with the hardware. If NO is chosen, all plug-in licenses will remain in the seller's account and the included Analog Classics plug-ins will be issued to the buyer when the hardware is transferred. 

Once you fill out the transfer form and submit it your hardware is ready to be registered by the new owner.

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