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Getting Started With Apollo Twin USB - Videos

The videos in this article will help you get started using your Apollo Twin USB with a Windows PC, from creating a UA user account all the way through to configuring advanced Console features.


UA Account Creation & Navigation

This video explains the process of creating a UA account, which is needed before you can register your Apollo or UAD-2 device.  


Installation, Registration, and Authorization

This video explains the process of registering your Apollo, installing the software and authorizing your included plug-ins.   


Optimize Your Windows Computer for Audio

This video explains how to configure your Windows computer for optimal performance when working with audio. 

Recording Basics w/ Fab Dupont (Console 2.0) 

This video covers basic setup and recording using Apollo with Console 2.0.


Configure Your DAW For Use w/ Apollo Twin USB

The videos below cover setting up your DAW for use with Apollo Twin USB and Console 2.0.

Pro Tools


Ableton Live




Diving Into Console

Apollo’s Console application is the key to unlocking Apollo's unique Realtime UAD Processing capabilities. It enables you to insert and control UAD plug-ins, route and monitor audio. The three-part video below takes you through Console 2.0 and shows you how how to get the most out of your Apollo system. 



Ready For More?

For more detailed information, see the Advanced Configuration section in the Knowledge Base. Here, you’ll find in-depth information on expanded systems, hardware inserts, headphone mixes and more. 

Advanced Configuration 

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