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Known Issues - Windows Thunderbolt Compatibility


Distorted ASIO playback when opening a session at a different sample rate with large I/O buffer size

Symptom: When the I/O buffer size is 512 and higher, opening a session with a different sample rate can cause distorted ASIO playback (DAW sounds).

Solution: Either disable Windows WDM audio or specify a WDM playback device other than Apollo.


Distorted WDM playback when changing Apollo I/O buffer size and/or sample rate

Symptom: Changing Apollo’s I/O buffer size and/or sample rate can cause distorted Windows WDM playback (system sounds).

Solution: Adjust Apollo’s I/O buffer size and sample rate before initiating Windows WDM playback. Alternately, quit then relaunch the WDM program and/or reload the web page (if playback is via a web browser).

Note: Using Apollo as the WDM playback device is not recommended when when Apollo Thunderbolt ASIO is being used by DAW software. If both WDM and ASIO are used concurrently, for optimum results an I/O buffer setting of 256 or smaller is recommended. For related information, review the Using Windows WDM System Audio with Apollo article.


Avid Pro Tools unresponsive after changing sample rate

Symptom (Pro Tools): Pro Tools displays “Not Responding” and/or "Could not initialize Apollo" after changing Apollo’s sample rate. This can occur when opening a Pro Tools session that has a different sample rate.


  1. Force-quit Pro Tools (via the Windows Task Manager) then re-open Pro Tools.
  2. In the Pro Tools Hardware Setup window, select a different audio interface (e.g., "Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver") then click OK.
  3. In the Pro Tools Hardware Setup window, select the "Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt" driver then click OK.

Alternate solution: If switching between 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz rates (1x rates), open a 88.1 kHz or 96 kHz (2x rates) session first, close the 2x session, then open the session at the different 1x rate.


Using sessions saved via Console Recall with a different Apollo model

Symptom (Pro Tools): When attempting to load a session that contains the Console Recall plug-in with its SYNC setting enabled, Pro Tools repeatedly displays "ASIO device properties have been changed by the device control panel. Pro Tools must be restarted for these changes to take effect. Please restart Pro Tools."

Solution: The saved session was created with a different Apollo model. After the error message is displayed, delete the offline Apollo unit in the Hardware panel within the Console Settings window, then save, close, and reopen the Pro Tools session.



Default button does not reset number of input/output channels on I/O Matrix Panel in Console Settings

Symptom: In the I/O Matrix panel within the Console Settings window, the DEFAULT button does not return the number of INPUT and/or OUTPUT channels to the default value.

Solution: Select a different value from the INPUTS drop menu, then click the DEFAULT button.