FAQ: LA-6176 Signature Channel Strip

The LA-6176 Signature Channel Strip provides the complete sonic palette and breadth of tone-shaping features as UA’s three most beloved processors: the 610 preamp, the 1176 limiter and LA-2A optical compressor into one design. The LA-6176 Signature Channel Strip provides the unmistakable and authentic sound heard on countless classic to modern hit records.

This article refers to frequently asked questions about 6176 Vintage Channel Strip.

How much can I purchase LA-6176 Signature Channel Strip for?

For a limited time, LA-6176 Signature Channel Strip will be available for $99 to new users. Additionally, if you own any Apollo or UAD-2 hardware in your account, you will be able to purchase the plug-in for $49. These two promotional offers will be available from May 28 to June 30, 2024.

Once the promotion ends, the plug-in will be available for purchase for $299.

Is the LA-6176 included in the UAD Spark subscription?

Yes! Spark subscribers get all of the currently released native UAD plug-ins, including LA-6176 Signature Channel Strip.

For more information regarding the plug-ins available with a Spark subscription, read this article.


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