FAQ: Sphere for Apollo Promotion

For a limited time, get $200 off on Sphere LX and Sphere DLX when purchased from an authorized UA retailer. Additionally, get a free license for Ocean Way Microphone Collection when you purchase a Sphere DLX microphone.

How long is this promotion for?

This promotion begins on July 1st and ends on July 31st. 

Do I need a coupon code?

No coupon code is necessary! All you have to do is purchase a Sphere LX or Sphere DLX from an authorized UA retailer.

Is Ocean Way Microphone Collection available as a native plug-in?

Ocean Way Microphone Collection is currently only available in the UAD-2 DSP platform and requires Apollo or Satellite to be used.

I just bought a used Sphere L22, LX or DLX microphone. Do I benefit from the promotion and the free plug-in?

The rebate is only offered on brand new devices purchased at the point of sale from authorized UA retailers. The free plug-in can only be obtained when purchasing a brand new Sphere DLX from one of these authorized retailers. The plug-in is issued once the purchased brand new microphone is registered to your account.

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