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February Webstore Sale FAQ

Stack Your Rack and Save up to 50% on UAD Plug-Ins during our February webstore sale!

All through the month of February, we're offering the following discounts on UAD plug-in purchases from our webstore:

30% off plug-in purchases of $199 or more
40% off plug-in purchases of $299 or more
50% off plug-in purchases of $399 or more

*See the FAQ below for details and restrictions.

Why am I not seeing a discount?

Discounts are applied to same order items in your cart. Add items to your shopping cart to see the discount.

Are plug-in "Bundles" eligible for these discounts?

No. All UAD plug-in Bundles, including Custom Bundles and Ultimate 9 Bundle, are excluded. 

Are LUNA Instruments and Extensions included?

Yes! LUNA Instruments and Extensions are included except for bundles and Spitfire titles.

Are any other titles excluded?

Yes. Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced is not eligible for this sale. 

Can I apply coupons on top of these discounts?

Yes. Any valid coupons in your account can be applied on top of the February discounts, as long as the plug-ins you are purchasing are eligible for the coupons in question. Note that all coupon restrictions still apply. 

Can I make multiple purchases using these discounts?

Yes. These discounts will be applied to all eligible purchases made in February. 

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