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February Webstore Sale FAQ

Stack Your Rack and Save up to 50% on UAD Plug-Ins during our February webstore sale!

All through the month of February, we're offering the following discounts on UAD plug-in purchases from our webstore:

30% off plug-in purchases of $199 or more
40% off plug-in purchases of $299 or more
50% off plug-in purchases of $399 or more

*See the FAQ below for details and restrictions.

Why am I not seeing a discount?

Discounts are applied to same order items in your cart. Add items to your shopping cart to see the discount.

Are plug-in "Bundles" eligible for these discounts?

No. All UAD plug-in Bundles, including Custom Bundles, are excluded. 

Can I apply coupons on top of these discounts?

Yes. Any valid coupons in your account can be applied on top of the February discounts, as long as the plug-ins you are purchasing are eligible for the coupons in question. Note that all coupon restrictions still apply. 

Can I make multiple purchases using these discounts?

Yes. These discounts will be applied to all eligible purchases made in February. 

All through the month of February, we’re offering the following discounts when purchasing multiple UAD plug-ins from our webstore on the same order

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