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FAQ: Ultimate 6 Upgrade

See below for answers to common questions regarding the Upgrade to Ultimate 6 offer. For details on the Ultimate 6 bundle, click here

How do you calculate the discount that I'm being offered?

The discount offered to you is based on the number of plug-ins you've purchased for the lifetime of your account. A $100/€100/£80 discount is offered for each purchased plug-in, up to a maximum discount of $1500/€1500/£1200. 

Do plug-in purchases that were redeemed using coupons qualify?

Yes. All plug-in purchases qualify, including plug-ins redeemed using coupon discounts. 

I purchased a Custom bundle in the past. How does this count towards my total purchased plug-ins? 

Custom bundles count towards your total purchased plug-ins based on the number of plug-ins that the Custom bundle contains. For example, if you purchased a Custom 3 bundle this counts as 3 plug-ins, if you purchased a Custom 6 bundle this counts as 6 plug-ins, etc. 

How do plug-in "bundles" (such as SSL 4000 Console Bundle, Magnetic Tape Bundle, etc) count towards my total purchased plug-ins?

For plug-in bundles that contain multiple individual plug-ins that can be purchased separately from our web store, each individual plug-in contained in the bundle is counted as a separate purchase. For example, the Magnetic Tape Bundle contains the Studer A800 and Ampex ATR-102 plug-ins which can both be purchased separately, so the Magnetic Tape bundle counts as two separate plug-in purchases.

How do plug-in "collections" (such as Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection, 1176 Classic Limiter Collection, etc) count towards my total purchased plug-ins?

Plug-in "collections" purchased from the web store or redeemed as part of a Custom bundle count as a single plug-in purchase.

I already own an earlier version of the Ultimate bundle. Can I use this offer to upgrade to the Ultimate 6 bundle? 

No - this offer is intended for customers who do not already own an Ultimate bundle. If you already own an earlier version of the Ultimate bundle it will likely be more cost effective to purchase the plug-ins that you're missing from our web store, either individually or as part of a Custom bundle

How long will this offer last?

The Ultimate 6 Upgrade is a new offer that we’re testing out. The goal is to reward some of our best customers with a very special deal - like a UAD loyalty program. There isn’t a specified end date on this offer, although we do reserve the right to change or end the offer at any time. If that happens, we will likely send a “last call” type of email to let qualifying customers know that the offer is ending. 

The Ultimate 6 Bundle says it contains 95 plug-ins but I only see 60 listed on the product page. Which is correct?

The Ultimate 6 Bundle is comprised of 60 separate products available in our online store, containing a total of 95 individual plug-ins. Some products contain multiple individual plug-ins, i.e., "Collections" and "Bundles". 

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