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FAQ: Ultimate 11 Upgrade

See below for answers to common questions regarding upgrading to Ultimate 11. For details on the Ultimate 11 bundle, click here.


Note: There are two ways customers can purchase the remaining plugins included with the new Ultimate 11 bundle: 

1. Complete Your Ultimate. This can be done once per account for each Ultimate version. Complete is also limited to the previous 3 versions of Ultimate (U8/9/10).

2. Upgrade to Ultimate. If you purchased Ultimate 10, you are entitled to a FREE upgrade to Ultimate 11 until 12/31/22. For details click here.


What's included with the Ultimate 11 bundle?

Ultimate 11 bundle includes 74 UA-developed plug-in titles up to and including UAD v10.2. These 74 plug-in titles contain 114 individual plug-ins and LUNA Extensions (Note: Some plug-in titles are collections of more than one plug-in). For a complete list of plug-ins that are included with Ultimate 11 bundle, click here

I already own an earlier version of the Ultimate bundle. Can I upgrade to the Ultimate 11 Bundle?

Yes. We’re offering variable pricing on the Ultimate 11 bundle for owners of Ultimate 8 and Ultimate 9. 

If you own Ultimate 8 or 9 and have purchased plug-in titles in Ultimate 11 bundle then you may get an additional discount towards the Ultimate 11 upgrade. The discount offered to you varies based on the number of plug-in titles purchased and the Ultimate version you are upgrading from.


Can I purchase the Ultimate 11 Upgrade for more than one system in my account?

Our system currently only allows users to upgrade a single previous Ultimate bundle to the newly released Ultimate bundle collection. For users with multiple systems other options are available for completing plug-in collections, such as Custom Bundles and monthly promotions.


I am not upgrading from a previous Ultimate. Do I still get a discount?

Your offer will be based on the number of Ultimate 11 plug-in titles that you have purchased.


Do plug-in purchases that were redeemed using coupons qualify?

Yes. All plug-in purchases qualify, including plug-in titles redeemed using coupon discounts.


I purchased a Custom bundle in the past. How does this count towards my total purchased plug-ins?

Custom bundles count towards your total purchased plug-ins based on the number of plug-in titles that the Custom bundle contains. For example, if you purchased a Custom 3 bundle this counts as 3 plug-in titles, if you purchased a Custom 6 bundle this counts as 6 plug-in titles, etc.


How do plug-in "bundles" (such as SSL 4000 Console Bundle, Magnetic Tape Bundle, etc) count towards my total purchased plug-ins?

For plug-in bundles that contain multiple individual plug-in titles that can be purchased separately from our web store, each individual plug-in title contained in the bundle is counted as a separate purchase. For example, the Magnetic Tape Bundle contains the Studer A800 and Ampex ATR-102 plug-in titles which can both be purchased separately, so the Magnetic Tape bundle counts as two separate plug-in title purchases.


How do plug-in "collections" (such as Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection, 1176 Classic Limiter Collection, etc) count towards my total purchased plug-ins?

Plug-in "collections" purchased from the web store or redeemed as part of a Custom bundle count as a single plug-in title purchase.

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