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OX Software Release Notes

OX Amp Top Box can be wirelessly controlled with the OX software app for iPad and macOS.

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OX Software v1.1 — August 8, 2018

Changes In This Release

  • Compatibility with OX firmware v1.1
  • New options to check and install future OX firmware updates

Details About This Release

  • OX software v1.1 (or higher) is required with OX firmware v1.1
  • OX software v1.1 (or higher) is compatible with OX firmware v1.0
  • To obtain and install OX firmware v1.1, visit the OX firmware article


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OX Software v1.0.1 — March 28, 2018

Changes In This Release

  • Minor fixes and connectivity improvements


Details About This Release

  • Improved reliability of app discovery
  • Improved app synchronization
  • Improved performance with certain iPads
  • Axis button is disabled when Direct Mic is active

OX Software v1.0 — January 25, 2018

  • Initial release of OX software for Mac and iPad



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