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How Can I View Which UAD Plug-ins I Own?

All new and used UAD-2 / Apollo products come with an included plug-in bundle free of charge. To see the plug-in bundles that are included with each UAD-2 / Apollo device click here. Additional plug-ins can be purchased from the UAD Plug-ins Store.

There are three ways that you can view which UAD plug-ins belong to your account.

1) My Plug-in Library:

  • Login to your UA Account here.
  • Click on MY PLUG-IN LIBRARY to see a list of which plug-in licenses belong to your UA Account.


2) UAD Meter & Control Panel:

  • Open the UAD Meter & Control Panel application, then click the blue UAD-2 button.
  • Click on the Plug-ins tab to view a list of plug-ins that are authorized to your UAD-2 device. This list is sorted by release date. The newest plug-ins are at the top.

NOTE: Click the Authorize Plug-Ins button to make sure that you are seeing the most recently available plug-in authorizations.


3) Console (Apollo & Arrow only):

  • Open the Console application. Click MENU > VIEW > SETTINGS.
  • Click on the PLUG-INS tab to view an alphabetical list of UAD plug-ins that are authorized to run on your Apollo or Arrow.


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