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FAQ: Apollo Rackmount Promotion


See below for answers to common questions regarding the "Apollo Rackmount Promotion". For complete promotion details, click here to view the promotion page.


Which Apollo rackmount Interfaces are eligible for this promotion?

Apollo x6, Apollo x8, and Apollo x8p, are eligible for this promotion.


What UAD-2 plug-ins will I receive?

See the table below for a list of plug-ins that are included with each Apollo rackmount purchase under this promotion:

Buy This

Get This


Apollo x6
Apollo x8

  • Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip
  • Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced
  • UA 175B & 176 Tube Compressor Collection
  • Precision De-Esser
  • Precision Limiter
  • Galaxy Tape Echo

$1444 / €1444 / £1049

Apollo x8p

  • Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip
  • Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced
  • Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effect
  • UA 175B & 176 Tube Compressor Collection
  • Precision De-Esser
  • Precision Limiter
  • Galaxy Tape Echo

$1793 / €1793 / £1305

*Reflects normal retail price of promotional plug-ins as sold in UA’s online store to new customers.



What are the details and limitations?

Plug-in bundle offer begins on November 1, 2021,  Apollo x16 and Legacy Apollo Rackmount Interfaces are not eligible for this promotion. All promotional fulfillment is subject to approval by Universal Audio.


Are Heritage editions eligible for this promo?

Yes, Heritage editions of qualifying Apollo rackmount models are eligible for this promo.

I already own some or all of the plug-ins included in the promotion. Can I get different plug-ins instead?

Yes. If you already own one or more of the plug-ins included in the promotion, you will be able to pick the corresponding amount of alternate plug-ins from the following list during registration (corresponding amount of alternate plug-ins based on 'Get This' information posted above):

1176 Classic Limiter Collection
Brigade Chorus Pedal Plug-In
Cambridge EQ Plug-In (UAD Cambridge)
Century Tube Channel Strip
Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay Plug-In
DreamVerb Room Modeler Plug-In
EP-34 Tape Echo Plug-in
Fairchild Tube Limiter Plug-In Collection
Galaxy Tape Echo Plug-In
Helios Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection
Oxide Tape Recorder Plug-In
Precision Buss Compressor Plug-In
Precision De-Esser Plug-In
Precision Enhancer Hz Plug-In
Precision Enhancer kHz Plug-In
Precision EQ Plug-In 
Precision Limiter Plug-In
Precision Maximizer Plug-In
Precision Mix Rack Collection
Precision Multiband Plug-In
Pultec Passive EQ Plug-In Collection
Pure Plate Reverb
RealVerb Pro Custom Room Modeler Plug-In
Studio D Chorus Plug-In
Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection
Teletronix® LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler Plug-In
UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Plug-In Collection
V76 Preamplifier

I just ordered my Apollo rackmount interface online but it hasn’t arrived yet. When do I need to register it by to get the promotion?

You must purchase your device between November 1st and March 31st, 2022, and then must register your new Apollo rackmount interface on or before April 15th, 2022 to receive your free plug-ins.

I just bought a used Apollo rackmount interface. Can I get the promotion?

No, the promotion is only applicable to new Apollo rackmount interfaces purchased from an authorized UA retailer. A list of authorized dealers near you can be found here.

Do I need internet access to register my Apollo rackmount interface?

Yes, you will need to connect your Apollo rackmount interface to an online computer in order to register the unit and be eligible for the promotion. Customer Service cannot manually register any UAD devices.

Where do I go to redeem my alternate plug-in choices?

Redeeming your alternate plug-in choices is handled like redeeming a Custom Bundle on our website. Log into your account, follow this link and click on the banner at the top to complete your selections. Remember, you will only see this if you already owned some or all of the initially offered plug-ins.

To avoid potential issues, please do not use your mobile phone or tablet to select your alternate plug-in choices.

I bought a Custom Product and / or Custom Bundle Upgrade and don't see the option to select my alternate plug-ins.  What should I do?

Once you have completed your initial Custom Bundle redemption, the banner here will change to allow you to make your alternate plug-in selections.

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