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How to Register Used Hardware

About Hardware Registration

UAD hardware must be registered to a UA Account in order to use UAD plug-ins and make purchases from the UAD store. Once registered, the hardware can be used with any plug-in licenses that are assigned to the same system within that account. For details about plug-in licensing, click here.

Any Apollo or Satellite can be registered, it does not require steps from the seller unless they wish to transfer their entire plug-in library out of their account with the device. 
To learn more about hardware transfers,
click here.

If you are new to the UAD platform and have purchased a used UAD device, take a moment to create an account by following the directions in this article. You will need to be logged in to your account to register your hardware.


Registering Used Hardware

1 - Go to

2 - Click on "here" to register a used device



3 - Enter the serial number of your device


Already have UAD software v10.1.1 or later installed?
Skip to Step 5.

If you receive the error 'These cards have already been requested for transfer', this means the process has already been started.  Skip to Step 5.

4. Continue to follow the instructions on-screen to complete software installation and registration.

You do not need to wait for a browser window to appear after installing the UAD software and restarting. To complete registration, Skip to Step 5.

If using an Apple Silicon M1 or M2 computer, follow
these instructions for software installation.

You can reference current compatibility information here.

UAD software v10.1.1 or later is required to complete used device transfers, this step can be completed by either the original or new owner. 

Once the used device transfer is completed, it is possible to register and use a UAD-2 device with older software if necessary.  


5. Open the UAD Meter & Control Panel Application.

6. Authorize Plug-Ins to complete registration.

  1. Install or update to UAD 10.1.1 Software or newer.  
  2. Connect all of your UAD hardware. 
  3. In the UAD Meter & Control Panel application, click the blue UAD-2 button to open the Plug-Ins panel. 
  4. Click the Authorize Plug-Ins button. Done!

Authorize Plug-Ins...


Used Hardware FAQ

Why should I register my UAD hardware to my UA account?

UAD hardware must be registered to a UA Account in order to use UAD plug-ins and make purchases from the UAD store. If you want to purchase and use new UAD plug-ins, or if you want to use plug-ins already in your account with your UAD hardware, you will need to register the hardware to your account.


Does my used hardware come with any UAD plug-ins?

All used UAD devices come with the Analog Classics bundle free of charge. This bundle is a great way for new users to get started with UAD plug-ins right out of the box without the need for an additional purchase.  


Do I get the plug-ins included from the previous owner?

The previous owner will have the option to include their purchased plug-ins or not. If the previous owner chooses to include their plug-ins, they will need to select this option when transferring the hardware. If the previous owner did not opt to include plug-ins with the hardware transfer then you will still get the included Analog Classics bundle free of charge:
‣ UAD-2 / Apollo Plug-In Bundles Explained


Why do I need to Authorize Plug-ins?

Your UAD hardware will need to be authorized to run the UAD plug-ins in your plug-in library. 

For detailed instructions on how to authorize plug-ins, click here.


Is a warranty included with used hardware?

The UA warranty policy only covers the original owner of the hardware (i.e., the person that purchased it new from an authorized UA retailer) and does not cover any subsequent owners. Any UAD device purchased as used is not covered under warranty. Click here for more information on our warranty policy.

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