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Caution: Loud Noise with AMS RMX16 on AUX with UAD v9.10.0

Important Update (08/21/2019): UAD v9.10.1 has been released which fixes this issue.

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We have discovered a late-breaking issue with the UAD AMS RMX16 and UAD AMS RMX16 Expanded Reverb plug-ins with UAD v9.10.0. When these UAD plug-ins are used on an AUX return in Console, they can produce full scale audio noise in the monitor outputs.

We are working on understanding the issue and addressing it as quickly as possible, but in the meantime, we recommend not using the AMS RMX16 or RMX16 Expanded plug-in on AUX returns in Console. 

The issue does not occur when these plug-ins are used on Console’s Input Channel Strips.

The issue does not occur with UAD v9.9 and earlier versions.

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