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Low End Therapy - Kick & Bass Mixing Tricks & Tips - UA Office Hours #115

November 22, 2021


Archived LUNA Office Hours

Below are LUNA Office Hours 106-114.  For more LUNA Office Hours, click here.

Best Plug-in Deals of the Year?? 12 Days of UAD Special Episode - UA Office Hours #114

UAD v9.15 Launch Show with Chuck Zwicky (Prince, Reggie Watts) - UA Office Hours #113

Fixing and Mixing Badly Recorded Tracks - UA Office Hours #112


Saturation & Harmonics Tips and Tricks using UAD Plug-ins - UA Office Hours #111



Parallel Processing Tips and Tricks with UAD Plug-ins - UA Office Hours #110



Mid-Side Mixing and Mastering Techniques - UA Office Hours #109



How to Choose and Use UAD Bus Compressors - UA Office Hours #108



LUNA v1.2 Sidechain Input Deep Dive (Tips & Tricks) - UA Office Hours #107



LUNA v1.2 MCU Control Surface Deep Dive - UA Office Hours #106



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