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Certain UAD Plug-ins are Missing from LUNA v1.0.0


UPDATE: This issue is resolved in LUNA v1.0.1 (released April 10, 2020). Choose Check For Updates from the LUNA menu within the LUNA application (fastest update method) or download the latest LUNA version here.

An issue has been discovered in LUNA v1.0.0 that causes LUNA instability when specific UAD Direct Development partner plug-ins are loaded.  We are working with these third-party companies to resolve the issues and support for these UAD plug-ins will be provided in the future.
Note: This issue applies to LUNA Recording System only. These UAD plug-ins are available in other audio applications as usual, including Apollo’s Console app.


The following UAD plug-ins are unavailable in LUNA v1.0.0:
  • UAD Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced
  • UAD Oxford Dynamic EQ
  • UAD Oxford SuprEsser DS


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