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LUNA Bundle Upgrade Pricing

The LUNA store and web store will automatically reduce the price of some extension/instrument bundles based on what you currently own. For example, the LUNA Creator Bundle will be discounted to a lower price if you already own the Studer A800 extension. If you do not own any of the bundle’s contents at the time of purchase, the LUNA store and web store will show you the standard price. 

This means that immediately after purchasing a LUNA extension or instrument at the standard price, the store will automatically note that you now own it and display a lower price for bundles that include that item the next time you visit the store.

Bundle upgrade pricing applies to the following LUNA Bundles:

LUNA Creator Bundle

LUNA Analog Essentials Bundle

LUNA Spitfire Bundle

LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle

If you were to log out of your account and go back to the web store you would see the bundle shown for the full price again since the web store would no longer see that you own any of the bundle’s contents. If you own some of the bundle’s contents, the lower price will only be shown when you are logged into your UA account.

Rest assured that you have not missed out on any discount or sale - this is just an automatic mechanism in our web store.