Get Started with Apollo Twin USB

Important note for existing users:

The steps below apply to new customers who are setting up a UAD product for the first time. If you already have existing UAD gear then please click here instead


Setup Video




Create UA Account

The first step to registering and using your UAD product will be to create a UA account that your UAD product can be registered to. 

Click here for help with creating a UA Account


Installation, Registration, and Authorization



Windows Installation, Registration & Authorization


OS Configuration

Additional configuration is required for Windows.

Click here for help with configuring Windows for Apollo USB.



Apollo’s Console application is the key to unlocking Apollo's unique Realtime UAD Processing capabilities. It enables you to insert and control UAD plug-ins as well as route and monitor audio. The three-part video series at the link below takes you through Console 2.0 and shows you how how to get the most out of your Apollo system. 

Click here to get started with Console


DAW Setup

Follow the links below to view video content to help you set up your DAW to use with your Apollo Solo USB.

Setting up UA Thunderbolt Interfaces with Ableton Live on Windows

Setting up UA Thunderbolt Interfaces with Cubase on Windows

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