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How to Import Channel Strip Presets into Console

A Channel Strip preset is a chain of plug-ins within a single input channel in Console. All parameter settings within those plug-ins are saved as a “.uadchannel” file so that the channel strip preset can be recalled into either the same or a different input channel in the future.

This article walks you through how to import and load a channel strip preset in Console.

Importing a Channel Strip Preset

Move the ".uadchannel" file to the appropriate location listed below:



Mac HD/Library/Application Support/Universal Audio/Presets/Channel Strip

Note: To access the Library folder, open Finder and click Go in the top menu bar, then select Computer. Click on your start up disk, then select Library.



C:\Program Files (x86)\Universal Audio\Powered Plugins\Presets/Channel Strip

Tip: User presets and folders can be organized via the operating system’s file manager (e.g., macOS Finder or Windows Explorer). File locations in the operating system are reflected within the Presets Manager.


Loading a Channel Strip Preset in Console

1. In Console, click anywhere near the Channel Strip Presets disclosure triangle or on the word “INSERTS” above the channel inserts when in either the OVERVIEW or INSERTS views (as shown below).


Click the area outlined in red to access Channel Strip presets


2. Click on the Channel Strip preset to load the preset on the input channel:


Channel Strip presets