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Restore a UAFX Pedal to Defaults

This article explains how to reset your UAFX pedal to factory default settings.

Important Notes:

  • Restore defaults deletes the stored preset, bonus effect(s), and registration. Customized preset settings are permanently lost.
  • To get the bonus effect after restoring defaults, register the pedal again with UAFX Control software.

Follow these steps to reset your UAFX pedal to the factory defaults:

  1. Disconnect the UAFX pedal’s 9VDC power supply.
  2. Press and hold the PAIR button on the rear panel while reconnecting power. 
  3. Continue holding the PAIR button until all LEDs on the pedal begin to blink (approximately 10-15 seconds), then release the PAIR button.
  4. Press then quickly release (don’t hold) the PAIR button again and wait 20 seconds for the pedal to completely finish restarting. After the Effect Type LED stops cycling, the restart is complete and all settings are returned to their default values.
  5. Disconnect the UAFX pedal’s 9VDC power again to power off the pedal, then reconnect power. After this second restart, the pedal is ready for use.
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