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Console Channel DSP Limitations

Note: Channel DSP Pairing is available with UAD v9.10 and higher that allows to pair up to two DSP chips.  For more information, click here.

In order to maintain low latency when tracking through UAD plug-ins in Console, the plug-ins used on a single Console channel cannot exceed the resources of a single DSP chip of your Apollo interface. When you reach this limitation for a Console channel this message or a similar message will be shown:

"The plug-in was unable to load because a Console channel's DSP limit is exceeded."

As an example, say you're using an Apollo QUAD which features four total DSP chips. When loading multiple plug-ins on a single Console channel only one DSP chip is used and the plug-ins inserted on that channel cannot be split up to be processed by the other DSP chips in the system - this results in all of the plug-ins on that single Console channel being limited to the processing power of one DSP chip, even though there are four total DSP chips in the Apollo QUAD. In this example, when you move to the next Console channel the next available DSP chip of the Apollo will be used to process the plug-ins on that channel. This DSP limitation is essential to maintaining sub-2ms latency when monitoring and recording signals through UAD plug-ins in Console.