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Switching UAFX true bypass and buffered/trails bypass

This article explains what you need to know about UAFX bypass routing.


What is UAFX bypass routing?

UAFX bypass routing allows you to choose between true or buffered/trails bypass modes.


How do I change the bypass routing mode?

All UAFX pedals ship in true bypass mode. To put UAFX pedals into buffered/trails bypass mode, use the UAFX Control mobile app*. You can get UAFX Control here.

*UAFX Control mobile app available Spring 2021


What is true bypass?

When bypass routing is set for true bypass and the effect is off, the dry signal is pure analog dry-through from input to output, without buffering or any other circuitry, via mechanical relays.


What is buffered bypass?

When bypass routing is set for buffered bypass and the effect is off, the output is buffered. Buffered outputs can be useful in situations if you’re experiencing high end loss from long cable runs. Buffered bypass is also needed if you want effect trails from your Golden Reverberator or Starlight Echo Station.


What is trails bypass? 

Trails bypass is the same as buffered bypass. When using Golden Reverberator or Starlight Echo Station, buffered/trails bypass allows reverb and delay effects to play out naturally when the effect is disengaged, rather than stopping suddenly.


When should I use true bypass or buffered/trails bypass?

You’ll want to use buffered bypass when you want to disengage the effect but keep the output buffered, and/or if you want to hear reverb and delay trails from your Golden or Starlight. You’ll want to use true bypass if you don’t prefer output buffering and/or effect trails.