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"WavesLocalServer" is causing Console and UA Connect to Hang When Quitting LUNA

If you have certain Waves 12 or 13 plug-ins that use “WavesLocalServer” (such as CLA Echo Sphere, Omni Channel, and other Waves plug-ins that have an HTML GUI) installed on your computer, you may experience an issue where either UA Connect or Apollo’s Console becomes non-responsive after quitting LUNA. Some issues you may encounter when this happens are:

Issue 1: Console software still shows 8 insert slots after LUNA is quit:






Issue 2:  If in this state, when LUNA is re-launched, “UAD Mixer Engine Is Not Running” error will appear and prevent LUNA from opening:


Workaround: Force Quit the “WavesLocalServer” process prior to closing LUNA, or within 15-20 seconds after quitting LUNA to prevent Console from hanging.

  1. Navigate to Applications > Utilities and open Activity Monitor.
  2. Click on the CPU tab, highlight “WavesLocalServer”, and then click the Force Quit button.

image2.pngWe are working with Waves to resolve this issue. This article will be updated as needed.