What is the latency performance on Volt?

Volt features zero latency direct monitoring, allowing you to hear input sources in your headphones and monitors in real-time. 

To enable direct monitoring on all models except Volt 476 and Volt 476P, press the DIRECT button. On Volt 2 and Volt 276, pressing the button once (orange LED) enables stereo mode where inputs are panned left and right for monitoring stereo sources, and pressing the button again (blue LED) enables mono mode where inputs are centered. DAW and computer system playback is always heard in stereo.

On Volt 476 and Volt 476P, use the MONITOR SOURCE buttons to select hardware input pairs for direct monitoring. Input pairs are heard in stereo by default, and can be heard in mono by pressing the mono button. DAW and system playback is unaffected by the mono button. 

Volt’s low-latency USB drivers also allow for playing virtual instruments or monitoring inputs through your DAW with minimal delay (requires adjusting your DAW's I/O buffer size).

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