How can I transfer ownership of my Volt interface?


Transferring ownership of a Volt interface

Note: Software titles bundled with Volt are not transferable to a new owner. Claimed software titles always remain in the original owner’s UA account.

  • To transfer a Universal Audio Volt interface to a new owner, the new owner simply needs to register Volt using the UA Connect app. Note that Volt must be physically connected to the computer to complete registration.
  • To get UA Connect, visit this page. After downloading UA Connect, open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to complete registration.
  • Upon registration, Volt is automatically transferred to the new owner’s UA account, and removed from the previous owner’s UA account. 
  • When the new registration is completed, the old and new owners both receive a transfer confirmation by email.

If you are uncertain about why you have received an email about your Volt interface being transferred, please view this article.

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