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How do I use the UAD plug-ins that I just purchased?


If you recently purchased a UAD plug-in from the UAD Store but the plug-in is still loading in demo mode then it may not have been authorized for your UAD system yet.  

To authorize your plug-in purchases, simply open the Plug-Ins panel in UAD Meter and Control Panel and then click on the “Authorize Plug-Ins...” button.

image1.pngAuthorize Plug-Ins button in UAD Control Panel

auth_pc.gifAuthorizing plug-ins on Windows

auth_mac.gifAuthorizing plug-ins on macOS



I can’t find the plug-in that I purchased in the list of plug-ins.

If you are unable to see your plug-in purchase on the Plug-Ins panel in UAD Meter and Control Panel, make sure you have updated your UAD software to the latest version for your operating system and UAD device. 

Note: If you have a computer that runs an older operating system, please visit our software archives area to verify the most recent UAD software version that you can run. 

I need more help troubleshooting disabled plug-ins.

In case you need further assistance, please see the Troubleshooting Disabled UAD Plug-Ins article.