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UAD Spark Account and Subscription FAQs


How do I manage my licenses?

UAD Spark uses iLok licensing. The UA Connect application manages everything, or you can use iLok License Manager.

I don’t have an iLok account, do I need to set one up before trying UAD Spark?

No problem. We’ll create an iLok account for you automatically when you get started with the UA Connect application.

How many computers can I run my UAD Spark plug-ins on?

We provide two activations per subscription.

Can I have more than one UAD Spark subscription for my account?

We currently only support one subscription per account. 

Can I get a second trial period for UAD Spark?

If you have previously enrolled in a UAD Spark trial, it is not possible to receive a second trial even with a different email address or iLok account.


If I choose a monthly subscription plan, can I switch it to annual later?

Yes. Log in to your UA account from and make the change. At your next billing cycle, your subscription will be updated to your new plan.

When will I be billed for my subscription?

You will be billed 14 days after you sign up for your trial. Depending on your plan you will be billed monthly or annually.

How can I pause my subscription?

The pause function will temporarily deactivate your subscription, while keeping your payment and account details intact so you can easily resume your subscription at any time without having to sign up again. Pausing your Spark subscription will prevent your card from being charged on the next renewal date and you will still have access to your UADx plug-ins until the next billing date.

Subscriptions can be paused on the manage subscriptions page by clicking on "Edit subscription details". Selecting "Pause" under Subscription Status and then click "Save" to complete the pause.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions can be cancelled on the manage subscriptions page by clicking on "Edit subscription details". Select "Cancel" under Subscription Status and then click "Save" to complete cancellation. Click here for detailed instructions. You will have still access to your UADx plug-ins until the next billing date.


Can I transfer my plug-ins & instruments to another user after I purchase them?

Software can only be sold at the time of hardware transfer. If you include your software in the transfer, the UADx & UAD-2 versions will be transferred to the new user.


Is there any discount on UAD Spark if I already own some of the plug-in titles?

While there is no discount available, you will get perpetual UADx licenses for the UAD titles that you already own. Please see this article for more details.

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