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What is UAFX?

UAFX are a new line of high-quality guitar pedals from Universal Audio, featuring sonically authentic vintage and modern effects, dual-engine processing with spillover, silent switching, stereo I/O, selectable true or buffered/trails bypass, simple operation, and a robust compact form factor. 


Effects Pedals

  • Astra Modulation Machine serves up the most sonically authentic bucket-brigade chorus/vibrato, studio flanger/doubler, and tube-driven tremolo effects ever placed into a single stompbox.
  • Starlight Echo Station features jaw-dropping emulations of classic tape echo, bucket-brigade, and digital delay units in a single, uber-powerful stompbox.
  • Golden Reverberator puts a trio of iconic reverbs right at your feet. The tube-driven spring reverb of classic ’60s guitar amps. The dense and haunting sound of ’50s studio plate reverbs. The endless algorithmic wonder of early digital reverb hardware.
  • Max Preamp and Dual Compressor puts the colorful sound of three legendary limiters and an iconic tube preamp, right at your feet. 
  • Del-Verb Ambience Companion packs ready-to-wear emulations of classic reverb and delay effects, in a pedal designed for immediate inspiration.
  • Galaxy '74 Tape Echo and Reverb captures the warm, warped, relentlessly analog effects of the iconic mid-'70s Roland Space Echo* hardware, for a crayon box of lush textures, right at your feet. 

Astra, Golden, Starlight, Galaxy, Del-Verb and Max can be run in front of an amplifier or in the FX Loop. They can easily handle line-level gear such as synthesizers and audio interfaces. 


Amp Modeling Pedals

  • Woodrow ‘55 Instrument Amplifier gives you the legendary American tweed tube amp sounds used by artists and producers for decades, from The Eagles to Chuck Berry to Neil Young.
  • Ruby ‘63 Top Boost Amplifier gives you the quintessential British valve amp beloved by artists and producers for over 60 years, from Queen to U2 to Radiohead.
  • Dream ‘65 Reverb Amplifier gives you the essential American tube amp used by artists and producers for 60 years, from Muddy Waters to The Beatles to Elvis Costello.

Woodrow ‘55, Ruby ‘63, and Dream ‘65 can be used in many different live and studio scenarios. With multiple cabinet modeling options, they can be used as an amp substitute and go directly to a mixing board or audio interface. When using UAFX in this capacity, cabinet emulation should be enabled.

These pedals can also be used in a typical “amp in a box” pedalboard rig where the UAFX pedal will impart tonal coloration and saturation to an already existing amp. A rig like this can be useful when trying to achieve many different amp flavors while using one amp as a pedal platform. When running these pedals in this configuration, cabinet emulation should be disabled. To disable cabinet emulation press the pedal's Speaker switch until its LED is unlit.

All UAFX audio jacks accept 1/4" (6.35 mm) unbalanced TS (Tip-Sleeve) instrument cables. Although TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve) cables may be used, they offer no benefit over TS cables.


For more detailed connection information, view the manual here.