Volt Software Bundle FAQ

When you register a Volt audio interface that was purchased new from an authorized retailer, you will be eligible to redeem a cross-platform (Windows/macOS) bundle of third party software through the UA Connect application. Any unclaimed bundled software will no longer be redeemable after the first registration of the device. Volt audio interfaces registered as used are not eligible to redeem the bundled third party software.

Note: Third party software bundled with Volt is not transferable.


What software comes bundled with Volt audio interfaces?

Ableton Live 11 Lite
Marshall Plexi Classic Amp Bundle by Softube
Melodyne Essential by Celemony
Ampeg® SVT-VR Classic Bass Bundle by Plugin Alliance
LX480 Essentials by Relab Development
Virtual Drummer DEEP by UJAM
Virtual Bassist DANDY by UJAM
LABS by Spitfire Audio
30-Day Trial of UAD Spark


I bought a used Volt, can the original owner transfer the bundled software to my account?

No, the third party software bundled with Volt is not transferable.


I tried to use my Volt with a different computer and now my unclaimed bundled software is missing. What happened?

You likely registered your Volt to a different email address when setting up the UA Connect application on the other computer. Look at the user info in the top right hand of the UA Connect application and make sure it matches the user info you used to sign up with originally. If the user info is different, please contact support.


Can I use the bundled software on more than one computer?

The bundled software is developed and licensed through third-party companies like Ableton or Softube. For each piece of bundled software, you will want to check with the software developers for up-to-date licensing information about the software.


I took my Volt to a friend’s house, and accidentally registered it to their account. When I registered it back to my account, my unclaimed bundled software is missing. What happened?

The bundled software is only redeemable for Volts registered as new. If your Volt is registered to another account, and is then registered back to your account, it will be registered as used. Used Volts are not eligible to redeem the bundled software, so you will not see the software. Please contact support.


When I go to the Volt Software panel on the UA Connect app, I only see LABS by Spitfire Audio available to redeem. What happened?

Your Volt was likely registered as a used device. If you purchased a brand new Volt from an authorized retailer, please contact support. If you have a Volt that's been previously owned then it will not be eligible to redeem the bundled software.



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