Why are only some of my plug-ins showing up in UA Connect?

If you own or purchase a UAD plug-in or UAD Instrument that is available as a native UADx plug-in, then you can get the UADx version for free. 

If you have already installed and signed into UA Connect, but are not seeing your plug-ins listed, this could be due to a few reasons:

You own the Legacy version of the plug-in:

Legacy versions of UAD plug-ins, including those that are included in Analog Classics bundles, do not qualify for the free UADx version. This includes the 1176 LN and SE, as well as the LA-2A Legacy.

Additionally, these legacy plug-ins do not qualify for the free UADx version:

  • Neve 1073 Legacy and Neve 1073SE Legacy
  • API Vision Channel Strip Legacy (note: anyone who purchased the API Vision Channel Strip plug-in before May 11, 2021 has the legacy version)

The plug-in you are looking for is not available for UADx native:

Not all UAD plug-ins have been ported to UADx, so it is possible that the plug-in you are looking for simply isn’t available as a native plug-in.

To see the list of currently available native UADx plug-ins, click here

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