Get Started with Apollo Thunderbolt Rack

Apollo Thunderbolt Rack System Compatibility

Apollo Thunderbolt Rack System Setup and Configuration

Apollo Thunderbolt Rack Advanced Configuration

Apollo Thunderbolt Rack Troubleshooting

Apollo Thunderbolt Rack General Info

Apollo Thunderbolt Rack FAQs

Get Started with Apollo Thunderbolt Desktop

Apollo Thunderbolt Desktop System Compatibility

Apollo Thunderbolt Desktop System Setup and Configuration

Apollo Thunderbolt Desktop Advanced Configuration

Apollo Thunderbolt Desktop Troubleshooting

Apollo Thunderbolt Desktop General Info

Apollo Thunderbolt Desktop FAQs

Get Started with Apollo USB

Apollo USB System Compatibility

Apollo USB System Setup and Configuration

Apollo USB Advanced Configuration

Apollo USB Troubleshooting

Apollo USB General Info

Apollo USB FAQs

Getting Started

Advanced Configuration

System Setup & Configuration

Computer System Compatibility

General Compatibility


Getting Started


Native UAD Troubleshooting

UA Connect Manuals

Native UAD Plug-In Manuals

UAFX Manuals

Volt Manuals

Apollo & UAD-2 Manuals

UAD Console Preview Manual

UA Microphone Manuals

Sphere Modeling Microphone System Manual

LUNA Application Manual

LUNA Extension Manuals

UAD Instruments for LUNA Manuals

OX Amp Top Box Manuals

Analog Hardware Manuals

Legal & Regulatory

UA Microphones Support

UA Bock

UA Standard Microphones with Hemisphere

Legacy Bock Audio/Soundelux Microphones

Sphere General Information

Sphere FAQ

Sphere Troubleshooting

Getting Started

Setting up your DAW

Volt Tutorials

Volt Troubleshooting

Volt FAQs

Support Announcements

My UA Account

Account Security

UAD Store Assistance

Get Started with UAD-2 DSP Accelerator

UAD-2 DSP Accelerator System Compatibility

UAD-2 DSP Accelerator General Compatibility

UAD-2 DSP Accelerator System Setup and Configuration

UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Troubleshooting

UAD-2 DSP Accelerator General Info

UAD-2 DSP Accelerator FAQs

Get Started with UAFX

General UAFX Info


Troubleshooting UAFX

What is LUNA?

Getting Started

Advanced LUNA Topics


iLok Help

MCU Control Surface Setup & Configuration

LUNA Documentation

What is OX?

Getting Started


UAD Software & Plug-Ins FAQs

UAD Plug-Ins


UAD Software Downloads

Volt Tutorials

UAD-2 Installation, Registration & Authorization

DAW Configuration


Advanced Configuration


Contact Support

RMA Information



Channel Strips

Mic Preamps

Analog Hardware Configuration & Troubleshooting

Apollo (Silverface)

Channel Strips



Mic Preamps


Realtime Rack

UAD DSP Accelerators

UAD-2 Live Rack

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