Hiding Plug-Ins in Console

Note: This article only refers to the previous version of Console. This option is not available in the newer UAD Console version.

In Console, UAD plug-ins can be manually hidden from the plug-in inserts lists within the application by first clicking the Settings button in the bottom left corner of the Console window and navigating to the Plug-Ins panel. Here you will see a list of all the UAD plug-ins available on your system in alphabetical order along with the authorization status of each plug-in. To hide a particular plug-in, click the "HIDE" button next to that plug-in and it will no longer appear within the plug-in inserts lists within Console. When the "HIDE" button corresponding to a particular plug-in is clicked, the button will turn yellow and the title of the plug-in will be shown in gray to indicate that the plug-in is hidden.

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