Verve Analog Machines Manual

Give your recordings the colorful saturation and effects heard on countless hip‑hop, lo‑fi, electronic, rock, and experimental tracks. Designed for the modern musician, beatmaker, and producer — Verve Analog Machines puts playful analog sounds right in your DAW.

Verve Analog Machines is available in two versions:

  Verve Analog Machines Verve Analog Machines Essentials

Six tape machines
Four solid state machines

Four tape machines

Warble (tape machines)
Tone (solid state machines)
Output trim control




Verve Analog Machines



Verve Analog Machines Essentials


Using Verve Analog Machines

Choose a machine at the top of the Verve plug-in, and adjust the controls at the bottom. To show info for selected machines, toggle the Info button.

Verve Analog Machine provides simple controls for drive and tone / warble. Verve Analog Machines Essentials has only a drive control.

  • Drive – Adjusts the amount of overdrive and distortion. Verve’s drive control is gain-compensated.
  • Tone / warble – Adjusts the EQ (tone), or the amount of tape-style modulation (warble).
  • Output level trim – Adjusts the output level of the plug-in by ±12 dB (full version only).

Within an instance of the Verve plug-in, drive, tone, and warble control settings are retained with each machine, so as you switch machines, you hear your previous settings. Verve’s output level control is not retained with each machine, but is set globally.

Note: When automating drive, tone, or warble parameters, the settings can sound very different from machine to machine. Automating parameters and then switching machines can have unpredictable results.

Verve Analog Machine Descriptions

Machine Description Machine Type Tone/Warble
Sweeten Gloss and warmth of a studio tape machine. Can be gently overdriven. Tape Warble
Edge* Adds gentle harmonics to give your sound subtle crunch. Solid State Tone
Glow* Adds gentle harmonics to give your sound subtle warmth. Solid State Tone
Warm The warmer sound of a more vintage studio tape machine. Tape Warble
Thicken The sound of something recorded a half century ago. Tape Warble
Vintagize The sound of a recording that’s older than your grandparents. Tape Warble
Distort* Push a vintage tube preamp far past its limits and hear it roar. Solid State Tone
Overdrive* Push a vintage tape machine far past its limits and hear it roar. Tape Warble
Fire* Push a studio tape machine far past its limits and hear it roar. Tape Warble
Sputter* Transistor Pre on the verge of blowing up. Solid State Tone

* Available in the full version of Verve Analog Machines.

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